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AnazaoHealth Corporation works with physicians, healthcare pharmacy managers, drug manufacturers and universities to create new pharmacological approaches using the latest technology. We fill these prescriptions with a high level of consistency and quality.
In addition to the ongoing development of new solutions for healthcare needs, the diverse products and services of AnazaoHealth span four specialty pharmaceutical divisions: Nuclear Medicine, Brachytherapy, Pain Management, Custom Pharmacy.


Nuclear Medicine Division
  • Radiation Oncology Solutions
  • Diagnostic Imaging Solutions
  • Cardiology Solutions
  • Pediatric Solutions
  • Nephrology Solutions
  • Endocrinology Solutions
  • Gastrology Solutions
  • Homeland Security Solutions
Brachytherapy Division
  • Prescription-Loaded Needles Solutions
  • Custom Strands Solutions
  • 100% NIST Traceable Assay Solutions
  • Gamma Irradiation Solutions
  • Autoclave Solutions
  • Eye Plaque Solutions
  • MICK® Cartridge Loading Solutions
Pain Management Division
  • Intrathecal Solutions
  • Cartridge Solutions
  • Transdermal Pluronic Solutions
  • Spasticity Solutions
Custom Pharmacy Division
  • Age Management
  • Chronic Rhinosinusitis Solutions
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Solutions
  • Erectile Dysfunction Solutions
  • Non-Surgical Cosmetic Solutions
  • Specialized Compounds
  • Weight Management Solutions
  • Zāo® Supplements (OTC)

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